We provide an Insurance and Emergency Call Out service, seven days a week, covering Fire, Flood and Storm Damage, and the securing of property following a break-in and criminal damage. 07503 833555

Emergency securing and response service covering impact damage, fire, flood and storm damage, and the securing of your property following a break-in and criminal damage. We aim to offer a quick response, same-day service to assist you and your insurance company in making sure you are safe and protected, whilst limiting any further damage to your property.

There is never a good time to experience a vehicle crashing into your property or being the victim of a break-in. These events are unpredictable and may cause huge inconvenience along with unwelcome stress and anxiety. We aim to relieve you of these issues providing you with the breathing space required for you to make a logical and calm assessment of the situation.

As we are independent and not sub-contracted by any insurance company, we are free to respond to an emergency incident within hours, rather than days. Firms who are sub-contracted by insurance contractors will often take up to 48 hours to attend a major incident. This leaves your property open, vulnerable, and could allow for further incidents from unstable structures or curious passers-by.

How we will assist you:
• We understand time is of the essence.
• We recommend and proceed with a video call assessment of the situation and to check on your safety and that of your property.
• We then make a full appraisal of the situation.
• We offer initial safety advice on immediate actions to keep you, your family, and your property, safe.
• Where necessary, we will advise on the next steps so that you can temporarily secure your property and manage the situation until we arrive.
• Upon arrival, we will advise you of the assistance/services required and agree a time when we can return to fully secure and make safe the area ahead of any remedial works.

We are happy to deal with your insurance company from the outset, and are used to managing situations from the initial incident through to the renovation works and we also understand that you may want to integrate upgrades or modernise damaged areas, for which we will be pleased to quote.

For Landlords of rental properties including Holiday Lets, B&Bs and Hotels, we can offer Maintenance Contract Services covering wear and tear as well as damage.

Falmouth property maintenance

 See images below of impact damage following a police car chase.

This damage (above) was the result of a driver losing control of a vehicle while trying to outrun the police. Luckily, no one was hurt, but after an initial assessment of the site, the wall was found to be unstable and was standing thanks only to the mural applied to it!

With the wall being located on a busy footpath and next to a children’s nursery, it was critically important that the wall was taken down both quickly and safely. Having spoken to the Council and the Traffic Police, we were requested by both parties to make safe the footpath and adjacent areas. We were instructed by the insurance company on behalf of the property owner, and started clearing immediately, as being a Friday morning no other contractor was able to arrive on site until the following Tuesday.

The vehicle impacted the wall at 09.30 am and by 18.00 the whole area had been made safe. During this time, the electrics for the garden lighting had been safely disconnected, the mural carefully removed and placed in secure storage at our yard, the wall demolished, rubble collected, wooden seating removed, and the entire area swept and cleared of all hazards. Heras fencing, safety barriers and privacy sheeting were put in place for the privacy and improved security of the homeowner.